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Make Deposits in An Instant With MCU's NEW Instant Deposit ATMs

MCU is happy to announce that many of our Deposit-Accepting ATMs* are now Instant Deposit ATMs, meaning deposits can be made envelope-free! Now, depositing your cash or checks at an MCU Instant Deposit ATM is easier to use and quicker to make your funds available to you!

Before You Get Started:

MCU’s new Instant Deposit ATMs are easy to use, quick to make funds available and don’t require envelopes for deposits.

  • Remember to remove all rubber bands, paper clips or binder clips from the checks or bills you wish to deposit.
  • If depositing cash, the new ATMs accept up to 50 bills of any denomination at one time (US currency only; no change).
  • If depositing checks, insert one check at a time, face up.
  • All checks must be filled out and endorsed prior to depositing.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Insert your MCU Debit Card into the Instant Deposit MCU ATM and enter your PIN. For your security, it is important to cover the keypad as you do this.
  2. Select the “Deposit” option from the menu and choose whether you are depositing cash or a check and choose the account you would like your funds deposited into.
  3. Place your check or cash in the deposit slot. The slot will light up and will be easy to identify.
  4. Wait for the ATM to process your deposit and verify the amount that appears on the screen is correct.
  5. When you have finished, select your receipt option and make sure to take your MCU Debit Card with you.

Find out the benefits first hand! Locate an envelope-free Instant Deposit ATM near you with the MCU Branch and ATM Directory!

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Routing Transit Number: 226078036