Enterprise Auto Sales

MCU’s Automated Service - Touch Tone Teller

Here’s how MCU’s Automated Service - Touch Tone Teller works:

  1. Call from any phone: Five boroughs/Long Island 212-693-4900 or Outside Five Boroughs/Long Island 800-323-6713
  2. After it greets you, MCU’s Automated Service - Touch Tone Teller will ask you to enter your account number, followed by the # sign. (Do not enter the two digit account ID.)
  3. In your first call, you will need to enter your Date of Birth, Social Security Number and a four digit PIN of your choice. You are now in the system.

When you use MCU's Automated Service - Touch Tone Teller in the future, you will enter only your account number, PIN and last four digits of your Social Security Number.

Changing the Navigation Mode

You can navigate MCU’s Automated Service - Touch Tone Teller via two different modes. Menu mode lets you respond to prompts to get your account information. Expert mode lets you enter service codes and could save you some time. The system automatically starts in menu mode. Follow the instructions below to change to Expert Mode.

  1. Connect to MCU’s Automated Service - Touch Tone Teller
  2. Select Account Maintenance option
  3. Press 3 for Change Interaction Mode option
  4. Press * to change to Expert Mode
  5. To return to Menu Mode, press 2.

View MCU’s Automated Service - Touch Tone Teller Menu Options

MCU’s Automated Service - Touch Tone Teller Expert Mode Service Codes

Menus Code
Savings and Checking Balance Information  
Savings Balance 10
Checking Balance 11
All Account Balances (Open Entity List) 12
Checking Information  
Recently Cleared Checks 20
Specific Check Number Inquiry 21
Check Stop Payment 22
ATM and Debit Card Information  
Recent Check Card Purchases 30
Recent ATM Transactions 31
Pending Card Transactions 32
Report Card Lost or Stolen 33
Account Deposit Information  
Last Deposit Savings 40
Last Deposit Checking 41
Checking to Savings 50
Savings to Checking 51
Savings to Loan 52
Checking to Loan 53
Member to Member 54
Check Withdrawal  
Check Withdrawal From Savings 60
Check Withdrawal From Checking 61
Loan Information  
Loan Balance 70
Available Credit Card Balance 71
Available Overdraft Balance 72
Make a Loan or Credit Card Payment 73
Payment Inquiry 74
Loan Application Status 75
Mortgage Inquiry 76
Other Options  
Switch to Menu Mode 2
Change Audio PIN 3
Change System Alerts 4
ATM Locator 5
Year to Date  
Dividends Earned (Share Accounts) 6
Interest Paid on Loan 7