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MCU will never contact you by email, text message or telephone to ask you to update or verify your account information. During the online banking login process, we will never ask you to further verify your login by inputting credit card or account information. Do not respond to unsolicited text messages, email messages or telephone calls that ask for any account information or other private information. If you think your accounts have been compromised, report it to our Fraud Department by filling out and submitting a Fraud Investigation Request Form.

At MCU, we employ the highest standards of security to ensure the protection of your account information against Identity Theft and Fraud. We utilize advanced networking security technologies to protect our computer systems. Whenever personal information is requested or displayed on our web site, we use 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt your personal information so that it is scrambled when it is transmitted over the internet and then decoded once it reaches your browser. You can confirm that your session is secure by looking for a small lock symbol in the lower corner of your web browser. You can also look for the letters https:// at the beginning of the URL in your web browser. The letter "s" in https means that the connection is secure.

MCU Online Banking (including MCU BillPay and eStatements)

To access your account online, you must enroll in MCU Online Banking. In addition to requiring a user ID and password to login, we use a Second Authentication process to ensure that your account will only be accessed by you. Online banking users are required to provide answers to personal security challenge questions. Users will then occasionally be prompted to provide the answer to a challenge question before they can proceed to online banking. Additionally, your online banking session will end or automatically "time-out" after inactivity. A browser that supports 128-bit encryption is required to use MCU Online Banking.

NYMCU® Mobile Banking and NYMCU® Text Banking

NYMCU® Mobile Banking and NYMCU® Text banking are fully secure through the use of industry-standard technologies like SSL, PKI, and other application layer safeguards. Transmissions that cannot be secured, such as SMS messages, follow the "ATM receipt" standard – no information is ever sent which, if lost, would compromise an account’s safety.

Online Loan Applications

Loan applications submitted through the MCU web site are secure and encrypted. Applicant information is protected by multi-level data security. You can apply online with confidence that your information is secure and protected.