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FRAUD ALERT! NYPD Warns of Two On-Going Scams

The NYPD has released a warning for individuals to beware of two ongoing scams that are costing victims thousands of dollars.

Green Dot Card Scam

This phone scam occurs when an individual is contacted by somebody who claims to be collecting a debt from a utility company, the IRS or as a settlement of an auto accident. Criminals are scaring victims into complying by threatening the loss of their heat, electric, possible deportation or criminal prosecution. Scenarios may vary but victims of this scam are instructed to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak at a local store and read the card number back to the perpetrator over the phone. Find out how to protect yourself here .

ATM Skimming

ATM Skimming occurs when a device is rigged over a card reader located either at the lobby entrance or on the ATM machine. This fake card reader is identical to the real one and will capture the financial information from your card. The data is later used to create a twin to your card, which will later be used to withdraw money.

Find out how to identify and avoid compromised ATM machines here .

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