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MCU offers the FasTrack Checking Account and Automatic Payroll Deduction and Direct Deposit to meet your day-to-day banking needs.

FasTrack Checking is our basic checking account option.

Features & Benefits:

  • An MCU Check (Debit) Card
  • No minimum balance requirement, no per check charge, no monthly service charge
  • $250 Overdraft Line of Credit with Direct Deposit*
  • NYMCU Online Banking with BillPay and eStatements
  • Convenient access to your funds through ATMs, MCU Online Banking, and Touch Tone Teller
  • Point of Sale (POS) purchases and signature based purchases debited directly from your FasTrack Checking Account
  • Direct Deposit or Automatic Payroll Deduction for paying back loans

Note: Multiple accounts are only allowed for Certificates of Deposit(CDs). All other deposit accounts are limited to one of each type.

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* Overdraft Protection is a loan (subject to approval), the terms of which are set forth in the “Overdraft Protection Line of Credit Agreement.”

The safe, convenient way to deposit your paycheck, pension, Social Security, or any other recurring check.

Features & Benefits:

  • Automatically eligible for $250 Overdraft Line of Credit
  • Payroll, Social Security or retirement checks can be directly deposited into your FasTrack Checking or Share account
  • Never wait in line to cash or deposit paychecks
  • Set up automatic distribution to savings and loan accounts

When setting up Direct Deposit, it is very important that you enter the correct Routing and Account numbers.

If depositing into your MCU FasTrack Checking account:

  • Routing Number - MCU’s Routing Number (also known as the ABA Number) is 226078036
  • Account Number - Use the second set of numbers at the bottom of your MCU checks

If depositing into your MCU Primary Share Savings account:

  • Routing Number - MCU’s Routing Number (also known as the ABA Number) is 226078036
  • Use your 6, 7, or 8 digit Account Number. It can be found on every monthly or quarterly statement you receive (by mail or eStatements).

Don’t Use:

  • ATM Debit/Check Card Number
  • VISA® Credit Card Number

You should not use your MCU VISA® ATM/Check Card or VISA®Credit Card number for an ACH transaction. These card numbers are only for debit card and credit card transactions.

To enroll: Contact your Human Resources or Payroll department for instructions on how to signup for Direct Deposit. You will need to provide MCU’s routing number and your account number to set up Direct Deposit.

Features & Benefits:

  • Gift Cards can be purchased at a branch location*
  • The cards can be used most places VISA® is accepted.

View the MCU VISA®Gift Cards Terms & Conditions

View the MCU VISA®Gift Cards FAQs

Initial Issuance Fee is $5.00. An Inactivity Fee of $2.50 will be charged each time your card is inactive for 12 consecutive months and every consecutive month thereafter in which your Card remains inactive. There is a $10.00 Lost or Stolen Replacement Fee or Re-issue Fee. Foreign Transactions may include a margin and/or fees charged directly by VISA®. Membership is required. Federally insured by NCUA.

*MCU VISA® Gift Cards are not available for purchase at the Melville MCU Express location.

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Routing Transit Number: 226078036

  • youtube facebook twitter

Routing Transit Number: 226078036