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FRAUD ALERT! Understanding Spoofing Scams

Spoofing is a type of fraud where a scammer contacts a person through phone, email, text or fax and pretends to be from a trusted source. The phone number, email address or website URL the scammer is using is disguised to look like an official communication from the organization they are pretending to be representing. The scammer is trying to get the recipient to provide them with confidential data like passwords, account information, social security numbers, etc.

We want to remind our members that they should never give out their personal or banking information in response to an unsolicited email, phone call, text message or fax, even if the sender or caller identifies themselves as being from a trusted source, like your credit union. Municipal Credit Union will never contact you by email, telephone, text message or fax and ask you to provide confidential personal information.

Here are some tips to help you protect yourself from this type of scam:

  • Remember that companies generally don’t contact you to ask for your username and password.
  • Don’t click on anything in an unsolicited email or text message. Look up the company’s phone number on your own (don’t use the one a potential scammer is providing), and call the company to ask if the request is legitimate.
  • Carefully examine the email address, URL and spelling used in any correspondence. Scammers use slight differences to trick your eye gain your trust.
  • Be careful what you download. Never open an email attachment from someone you don’t know and be wary of email attachments forwarded to you.
  • Set up two-factor (or multi-factor) authentication on any account that allows it, and never disable it.
  • Be careful with what information you share online or on social media. By openly sharing things like pet names, schools you attended, family member and your birthday, you can give a scammer all the information they need to guess your password or answer your security questions.


The safety and security of your accounts is very important to us. We are providing you with this information to help you better protect yourself from today's cyber threats. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 212-693-4900.

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