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Mystery Shopper Phishing Email Scam – "Students"

MCU's Security & Fraud Department has been made aware of members who are “Students” and being targeted via email at their School/College/University email system. The emails being received are “Phishing Emails” to become a “Mystery Shopper”. The email is sent by a company who requests your address in order to mail a package containing instructions on how to become a mystery shopper. Several items included in the package are a letter/survey with a heading of “APPLE STORE MYSTERY SHOPPING SURVEY TASK” seeking “Prospective Mystery Shopper”, a check - with directions to deposit it into your bank account and to use the funds to purchase “APPLE GIFT CARDS”. Upon the purchase, it instructs a shopper to text a telephone number in order to receive mailing instructions for where to send the gift cards. The check a shopper deposits is in excess of the value of the gift cards and the remaining difference is for the shopper to keep. By the time the issuing bank returns the check deposit as unpaid for being fraudulent, the shopper’s good bank account has been debited for the purchase of the gifts cards. This often leads to the account being overdrawn, leaving the shopper responsible to their bank for the negative balance created.

We want to remind our members that they should never give out their personal or banking information in response to an unsolicited email, phone call, text message or fax, even if the sender or caller identifies themselves as being from a trusted source.

Here are some specific warning signs to help you identify a fraudulent email:

  • The email doesn't address you by your proper name
  • The email asks you to update or verify your account information
  • The email is a "Job Opportunity" – "Employment Opportunity"
  • The email contains typos and grammatical mistakes
  • The link in the "From" address isn't associated with the company or organization that supposedly sent the email message.
  • When you move your cursor over the website address in any links included in the email, it doesn't look like the normal website address for your credit union or financial institution.
The safety and security of your accounts is very important to us. We are providing you with this information to help you better protect yourself from today's cyber threats. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call us at 212-693-4900.

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