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Direct Deposit & Automatic Transfer

Get Your Money Early.

Automatically deposit your paycheck, pension, Social Security, or any other recurring income directly into your MCU checking or savings account—no branch visit needed.


Save Time and Energy by Automating Deposits.

No more waiting in line at the bank each payday—MCU makes it easy to grow your savings and manage your money effortlessly with Automatic Payroll Deduction and Direct Deposit.


Make Secure and Protected Payments.

Each deposit is automatically eligible for a $250 Overdraft Line of Credit* and is delivered securely to your bank account through protected banking systems.


Never Wait in Line to Make a Deposit.

The days of waiting in line to deposit recurring payments are over. As soon as your payment is available, it’ll go directly into your Hero Savings, Everyday Hero, or Basic Share Draft account.


Send Deposits Straight to Your Savings.

Make regular deposits directly into the savings buckets of your choosing, so you can meet your financial goals without the hassle of manual money management.

Automate the Deposit of Your Recurring Checks—No Bank Teller Needed.

Setting up direct deposit with MCU is quick and easy, saving you time and stress down the road. Here’s what you need to know to get started.

  • If Depositing into Your Everyday
    Hero Account:
  • If Depositing into Your MCU Hero
    Savings Account:

If Depositing into Your Everyday
Hero Account:

Routing Number: MCU’s Routing Number (also known as the ABA Number) is 226078036

Account Number: Use the second set of numbers at the bottom of your MCU checks.

If Depositing into Your MCU Hero
Savings Account:

Routing Number: MCU’s Routing Number (also known as the ABA Number) is 226078036

Account Number: Use your 6, 7, or 8 digit Account Number. It can be found on every monthly or quarterly statement you receive (by mail or eStatements).

What is Automatic Payroll Deduction?

While Direct Deposit is a term that is used when your entire paycheck is deposited automatically into your MCU account, Automatic Payroll Deduction refers to when only a predefined portion of your paycheck is deposited automatically to the account of your choosing. Both Direct Deposit and Automatic Payroll Deduction provide options when it comes to allocating your funds.


How Do I Enroll in Direct Deposit?

Not sure where to start? Gather your MCU routing number and account number from above, then contact your Human Resources or Payroll department for company-specific instructions on how to sign up for Direct Deposit.


Make the Most of Your MCU Membership.

Membership in our community is about more than just banking. As an MCU member, you can access valuable information and resources to help you plan and reach your financial goals.

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Get Answers to Our Most Frequently Asked Questions.

What’s the difference between ‘available balance’ and ‘total balance’?

Your total balance is the amount of money held in your account. Your available balance may be higher or lower than your total balance and includes all pending transactions.

Where can I find my Routing and Account Number?

Both are listed on the bottom of your MCU personal checks. Please see the diagram below for reference:




* Overdraft Protection is a loan (subject to credit approval), the terms of which are set forth in the Overdraft Protection Line of Credit Agreement.

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